Prashant Chaturvedi

Profession: Senior Sales Professional, Bangalore
Member of MYF: Since Jun’15
Reason for Joining: Rehabilitation from running injuries and overall fitness

Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee

This timeless quote by the greatest Bruce Lee is what sums up what we do at MYF. Our coach keeps experimenting on himself and then keeps improvising our workout routines by following Master Lee. To an outsider, MYF may look like just another group of fitness enthusiasts who have decided to workout together and make themselves better. But this isn’t what we are all about. MYF’s different… much different.

The soul of MYF is our coach – Anjan Gowsami and all of us MYFiosos. Three years ago, I became a MYFioso at the suggestion of my friend. I look forward to everyday morning 5 amroutines – strength building, stamina building, core workouts, long runs, hill runs, sprints, squats and what not. MYF has made me realize that the only limits that we have are in our minds. I’ve been able to do un-imaginable things like 5400 jumps, 500 crunches, 500 pushups, sprinting for 5 kms, 100 squats and 5 mins of planks. .

I can say I’ve become mentally and physically fit and a better person after becoming an MYFioso. But that’s not the only thing I’ve gained. MYF and other MYFiosos have become an integral part of my life and part of the extended family. It has become a great gang of friends who workout together, party together, share jokes, objectives, race timings, pains and a great liking for each other and their families. Long live MYF and MYFiosos!”

G. S. Dhaliwal

Profession: Retd. Colonel, Indian Army, Chandigarh / Bangalore
Member of MYF: Since Jun’16
Reason for Joining: Maintaining general fitness and participation in running events

I have been associated with MYF since 2016. Since I joined MYF, I have improved upon my physical fitness and stamina quite a lot. It gives me mental happiness and satisfaction when I see my performance in various events. It encourages me to perform better in the future. My younger days have been revived in this age and stage of life. I feel young at heart when I run alongwith youngsters of my children’s age.

Thanks to MYF and devoted-to-the-cause Coach Mr Anjan Goswami.

Pooja Ghai

Profession: Teaching, Pune
Member of MYF: Since May ’18
Reason for Joining: Maintaining weight, waist and controlling thyroid level

Joining MYF has been a turning point in my life. My Thyroid levels came down drastically and the credit goes to the diet and workout plans given by you. You have been very encouraging and the dedication you show motivates us to work towards achieving our workout goals.

Thank you so much for your coaching and guidance during the last three months. I have reduced 3.5 kgs of weight within 8 weeks that too without starving..your training and diet plans really made the difference to your distant client.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me ..”I will continue to work hard and improve my health.”

Vasila Aman

Profession: Home maker, Sioux Falls, USA
Member of MYF: Since Jan’16
Reason for Joining: Weight Loss and overall fitness

My association with MYF has been a year old when i decided to get back to my old self after my pregnancy. I have been following the workout chart provided to me with all minute details of the workout – the reps – the weights etc. I was able to get my fitness back but the extra kilos which I added to myself during my pregnancy were not ready to leave me .
I am a hard core non vegetarian who could never think about dieting even in my wildest dreams. Listening to so many success stories of MYF I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of giving it a try. Of course it wasn’t easy to get on to this journey of going on a diet plan, had too many doubts and concerns which were promptly cleared by the coach and his motivating words made me go for this.

The diet plan – It wasn’t easy for a person like me who would never stop munching to go on a calorie conscious diet but it wasn’t difficult either. It took quite sometime (3 days) for me to control my munching. I don’t say I stopped munching, I do munch but on healthy stuff like fruits and veggies which were never part of my life earlier. Now I started making healthy choices and above all enjoying those choices. I have realized there is so much to eat apart from non veg food. The most biggest and happiest thing about this diet is that I haven’t had coke all this while and it is an achievement for a person who just finds reason to drink coke.

It just 15 days of the diet plan and I have lost 2kgs. Am positively sure there is more weight going down in the coming weeks. I owe you big time coach for taking up so much effort and being patient listening to all the concerns, complaints and pushing me harder towards achieving the set target and for always coming up with such motivating words. The best part of the coach anytime any where, he is just a text away(not even a call).

Thanks a ton MYF for leading people to a healthier side. Lots of love and good wishes!! Keep growing!!

Dilpreet Chaddha

Profession: Teaching, Bangalore
Member of MYF: Since Jan’16
Reason for Joining: Rehabilitation from heel injury and overall fitness

I have seen a lot of change in my fitness level and the way workouts are planned have helped me in losing weight. The strength workouts have helped in avoiding injuries.

Neha Agrawal

Profession: Learning and Development, Bangalore
Member of MYF: Since Jan’17
Reason for Joining: Appeal of a holistic workout approach and working out with friends/like minded folks in a fun way.

MYF is a stress buster for me. It has become an integral part of my daily life. We are a bunch of crazy, energetic, fun loving friends who workout hard and party harder! It is a great mix of planned, structured, holistic, need/person-specific-customized workouts devised by Anjan, our coach, of healthy competitions in running events, of motivating each other and spreading positive energy, of sharing best practices. Directed-discipline (A coaching principle rather than teaching) and customization based on individual needs are the USPs of MYF

Rinku Bose

Profession: Teaching, Bangalore
Member of MYF: Since Aug’14
Reason for Joining: Establish a routine and create a new healthy habit which is well worthy investment of time.

MYF is a stress buster for me. It has become an integral part of my daily life. We are a bunch of crazy, energetic, fun loving friends who workout hard and party harder! It is a great mix of planned, structured, holistic, need/person-specific-customized workouts devised by Anjan, our coach, of healthy competitions in running events, of motivating each other and spreading positive energy, of sharing best practices. Directed-discipline (A coaching principle rather than teaching) and customization based on individual needs are the USPs of MYF

Divya Jain

Profession: CSI Manager, Bangalore
Member of MYF: since Mar’15
Reason for Joining: Overweight, Severe Back Pain, Poor health

Joining MYF was one of the best decision I have taken. It has transformed my life. I am not only physically fit but my attitude towards life has also changed. Before joining MYF, I used to suffer from headache everyday which is now completely gone. The holistic approach of healthy eating and regular exercise has improved my immunity and general health. I feel energetic throughout the day.

I had joined various classes before joining MYF, but I was not able to continue any because of my back pain. When I joined MYF, Anjan focussed on strengthening my back. Once my back was strong and healed, the focus shifted to weight loss, improving stamina and endurance. In the last 3 years, I have achieved feats which I never even thought of – whether it was running 21 Kms or 200 push ups or 1000 jumps

Ranjan Singh Chadha

Profession: Cluster head, Bangalore
Member of MYF: Since Jan’17
Reason for Joining: overall fitness

It has helped me in achieving inch loss and increasing my fitness levels. It made running 21k possible which I never thought I could ever do.

Tanya Bhattacharya

Profession: Communication Coach, Bangalore
Member of MYF: since Jan’17
Reason for Joining: Overweight, Severe Back Pain, Poor health

I was brisk walking around the football field for months before I got introduced to MYF in Jan’17. The prospect of waking up around 4:30 to be able to report at the warm up area at 5:15 was daunting to say the least. After much persuasion and encouragement from Anjan, the coach, I finally toughened up and started working out with MYFiasos in April’17. I was 76 kilos at the time and managed to drop a whopping 7+ kgs within 6 months! I loved the fact that our coach did not device a hard-to-follow revolutionary diet plan like other dieticians do. Instead, he had a consultative approach and created a totally customised plan which did not require too much change in dietary habits and was more about portion control & timings for food intake.

I started off with MYF for purely superficial reasons but while training my body I ended up strengthening my mind. The weight loss isn’t a temporary goal for me anymore, it’s about being light on my feet and more agile everyday. Our morning workouts aren’t a chore, they are fun and energising. The fast paced exercises alongside friends make the morning routine worthwhile! My journey from a brisk walker to a runner, who finished a half marathon last year in a record time of 3 hours 15 mins, has been exhilarating. Our practice runs on weekends aren’t about being faster than someone else, they are about progression and improved stamina. For us at MYF, fitness isn’t about competing with others, it’s about supporting and encouraging one another.

The best compliment I have ever got was the change in other people’s response to my early morning fitness regime. First they used to ask, “why do you do it?” Once they saw visible results of my self disciple, they started asking, “how do you do it?”

This new found grit that I have developed at MYF is absolutely empowering and has resulted in a transformative lifestyle! Thank you MYF, Coach Anjan Goswami, and Myfiosos for being a part of my life. You and I are inseparable.

Krishnajina Sarmah

Profession: Credit Specialist at Western Paper
Member– Since May 2020
Reason for Joining: My local gym was closed at that time due to COVID but even after it opened I never went back.

It has been such a rewarding experience so far with Mynd your Fitness. The way Anjan conducts the class is what keeps you hooked to it. He knows exactly how and what everyone is doing even through the screen .I cannot thank him enough for the discipline, awareness and confidence that he has brought into my life. Mynd your Fitness has definitely become a part of our lives.


Profession: Business
Member Since: April 2020
Reason for Joining: Weight loss

I always want to be fit n fine… stay healthy and happy! For these very reasons I was always into workouts but didn’t get results as expected. 

As I joined Anjan’s workouts I realized his workouts were not monotonous but were of a different level. Every week he made me meet different challenges in turn making me more energetic.

I have got good inch loss and I feel more fresh and energetic. 

Thanks to Anjan for putting efforts for me to achieve my goals. Especially his motivation to achieve many more targets keeps me up and going. 

I will keep continuing with the workouts with MYF for better fitness and a healthy life. Waiting anxiously to meet many more challenges under the super guidance of Anjan.

Thank you again Anjan!

Anamika Barman-Adhikari

Profession: Associate Professor
Member Since: November 2020
Reason for Joining: Get healthier physically and spiritually!

I’m not the kind of person who likes working out. I’ve been training with Anjan for the past three months, and I’m a fan of the workouts and his overall approach. There are several factors that have kept me going. First and most importantly, Anjan is an awesome trainer who knows how to structure the classes in a way that can keep people engaged and interested—he keeps the format varied and broken out into “doable” chunks—tough enough for the more advanced trainees but still feasible for beginners. The group format keeps you accountable, but in a way that’s motivating, and not stigmatizing. Anjan himself is very encouraging, always nudging us to push ourselves but also not hesitant to tell us to slow down when we need to. I can’t say enough good things about the music—the playlist is synchronized to the pace of our workouts and keeps you going even when you’re about to give up. I’ve been tempted to ask Anjan if he’ll loan us his playlists—they’re that good! What I also really appreciate about Anjan is that he takes the time to educate us about the different workouts and how it helps our fitness goals-making it a very holistic approach! He’s also very receptive to our needs and preferences and will often ask for our input in making the plan for the week.

I don’t know how much weight I have lost because I don’t weigh myself. But I feel much stronger both physically and spiritually—and that’s always been my primary goal. Though, I have noticed that my clothes fit better and I feel more toned. In summary, Anjan is very knowledgeable, motivating, and his individual approach is beyond compare. I’m very grateful for his work!

kavita mantri

Profession: Make-up Professional
Member Since: April 2020
Reason for Joining: Fitness

I joined MYF when my Gym shut down during lockdown. Since I used work out regularly, I found it to be a very good option. The work outs are brilliant and very well designed. Coach really motivates and ensures that we give our best. It has made a huge difference to me when I see the weight loss and inch loss that has happened. I don’t think I will want to rejoin my gym now.

swapna naik

Profession: Teaching
Member Since: January 2021
Reason for Joining: Fitness

Let me compliment MYF and coach Anjan Goswami for a wonderful ‘one of its kind’ health program.
I Swapna Naik joined the program very sceptically ( lots of programs available) around 15th Jan when my weight was 70.1.
Very soon I was addicted to it because it was fun to follow and never seemed like a task.
What makes it different is that it hardly gets monotonous and one does not feel like getting into a routine. So you never feel like giving it a miss.
The well planned, easy to follow diet schedule is an icing on the cake.
It has worked wonders for me, with my weight down to 63.5 and also given me a fair amount of mental strength during these troubled times.
Have become a big fan of MYF and would surely not only continue to be an ardent follower but would also definitely recommend it to my family, friends and well wishers.

partha pratim das

Profession: Software Engineer
Member Since: January 2021
Reason for Joining: Fitness & Weight Loss

This is the story of my weight loss journey from 89 to 77 kilograms. I started with MYF in January 2021, and it’s been an amazing eight months so far. The sessions are highly interactive, and Anjan imparts a wealth of knowledge about how each exercise affects the muscles and core, as well as the relevance of diet in overall health. I followed a 60-day diet plan and lost the majority of my weight within that time. Anjan took excellent care of my dietary requirements, and I thoroughly appreciated the meal plan. Thank you for helping me in my mission, Anjan

harshitha bodhu

Profession: Home Maker
Member Since: March 2021
Reason for Joining: Fitness & Weight Loss

Been a year I started my journey with MYF and I learnt a lot n still learning how to Mind My Food Fitness…Loosing in numbers or inches is a byproduct of being consistent disciplined n this is learnt from u Anjan…thank you it’s been a life changer for me!!

poonam roy

Profession: Home Maker
Member Since: March 2019
Reason for Joining: Fitness & Weight Loss

As a complete foodie, exercise to me was a chore, Becoming an MYFite changed my entire perspective and introduced me to the world of fitness and its many benefits, thanks to Coach Anjan .
I have seen amazing changes in me, MYF ensures engaging and effective workouts, to motivating and ensuring the well being of their group; Coach Anjan is there at all times to answer any query we have, In fact all credit goes to him for encouraging and prepping me for my 10K marathon run.

I continue to be a foodie, but a toned, fit woman . I love my daily workouts. Anjan as a nutritionist has been extremely helpful, with his carefully prepared diet programmes, I have lost weight and seen an improvement in my Vit D and Cholesterol levels..
Thanks Anjan and Team MYF .

Sudipta Chanda Nag

Profession: Home Maker
Member Since: May 2022
Reason for Joining: Fitness & Weight Loss

Good morning coach…
Thank you so much for your guidance, efforts, and care…it was a lovely and very much inspiring journey…when I joined MYF, I was approximately 80 kg…in 2 months of workout, I managed to lose 2 kilos only…but after starting the 3 months diet plan that you made for me, I found myself very much toned and energetic… though it’s not an easy task for me …but I have achieved that…from 78.3 kgs -63.3 kgs…
All credit goes to you for such a balanced diet chart and workout structure…
Never the less Minauti, she helped me a lot to correct my posture, increase my counts, and motivated me towards the goal…
I m so happy that I have chosen MYF…LOVE to be a part of it…now it’s my turn to maintain what I have achieved…hope I will not let u down…it was a wonderful journey…will continue the session as usual… keep guiding me… thank you so much once again…

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