Let me compliment MYF and coach Anjan Goswami for a wonderful ‘one of its kind’ health program. I Swapna Naik joined the program very skeptically ( lots of programs available) around 15th Jan when my weight was 70.1. Very soon I was addicted to it because it was fun to follow and never seemed like a task. What makes it different is that it hardly gets monotonous and one does not feel like getting into a routine. So you never feel like giving it a miss. The well planned, easy to follow diet schedule is an icing on the cake. It has worked wonders for me, with my weight down to 63.5 and also given me a fair amount of mental strength during these troubled times. Have become a big fan of MYF and would surely not only continue to be an ardent follower but would also definitely recommend it to my family, friends and well wishers.
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