G. S. Dhaliwal

I have been associated with MYF since 2016. Since I joined MYF, I have improved upon my physical fitness and stamina quite a lot. It gives me mental happiness and satisfaction when I see my performance in various events. It encourages me to perform better in the future. My younger days have been revived in […]

Pooja Ghai

Joining MYF has been a turning point in my life. My Thyroid levels came down drastically and the credit goes to the diet and workout plans given by you. You have been very encouraging and the dedication you show motivates us to work towards achieving our workout goals. Thank you so much for your coaching […]

Vasila Aman

My association with MYF has been a year old when i decided to get back to my old self after my pregnancy. I have been following the workout chart provided to me with all minute details of the workout – the reps – the weights etc. I was able to get my fitness back but […]

Dilpreet Chaddha

I have seen a lot of change in my fitness level and the way workouts are planned have helped me in losing weight. The strength workouts have helped in avoiding injuries…