I’m not the kind of person who likes working out. I’ve been training with Anjan for the past three months, and I’m a fan of the workouts and his overall approach. There are several factors that have kept me going. First and most importantly, Anjan is an awesome trainer who knows how to structure the classes in a way that can keep people engaged and interested—he keeps the format varied and broken out into “doable” chunks—tough enough for the more advanced trainees but still feasible for beginners. The group format keeps you accountable, but in a way that’s motivating, and not stigmatizing. Anjan himself is very encouraging, always nudging us to push ourselves but also not hesitant to tell us to slow down when we need to. I can’t say enough good things about the music—the playlist is synchronized to the pace of our workouts and keeps you going even when you’re about to give up. I’ve been tempted to ask Anjan if he’ll loan us his playlists—they’re that good! What I also really appreciate about Anjan is that he takes the time to educate us about the different workouts and how it helps our fitness goals-making it a very holistic approach! He’s also very receptive to our needs and preferences and will often ask for our input in making the plan for the week. I don’t know how much weight I have lost because I don’t weigh myself. But I feel much stronger both physically and spiritually—and that’s always been my primary goal. Though, I have noticed that my clothes fit better and I feel more toned. In summary, Anjan is very knowledgeable, motivating, and his individual approach is beyond compare. I’m very grateful for his work!
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