Sudipta Chanda Nag

Good morning coach… Thank you so much for your guidance, efforts and care…it was a lovely and very much inspiring journey…when I joined MYF, I was approximately 80 kg…in 2 months of workout, I managed to lose 2 kilos only…but after starting the 3 months diet plan that you made for me, I found myself […]

Poonam Roy

As a complete foodie, exercise to me was a chore, Becoming an MYFite changed my entire perspective and introduced me to the world of fitness and its many benefits, thanks to Coach Anjan .

Harshitha Bodhu

Been a year I started my journey with MYF and I learnt a lot n still learning how to Mind My Food Fitness…Loosing in numbers or inches is a byproduct of being consistent disciplined n this is learnt from u Anjan…thank you it’s been a life changer for me!!


This is the story of my weight loss journey from 89 to 77 kilograms. I started with MYF in January 2021, and it’s been an amazing eight months so far. The sessions are highly interactive, and Anjan imparts a wealth of knowledge about how each exercise affects the muscles and core, as well as the […]

Swapna Naik

Let me compliment MYF and coach Anjan Goswami for a wonderful ‘one of its kind’ health program. I Swapna Naik joined the program very skeptically ( lots of programs available) around 15th Jan when my weight was 70.1. Very soon I was addicted to it because it was fun to follow and never seemed like […]


I joined MYF when my Gym shut down during lockdown. Since I used work out regularly, I found it to be a very good option. The work outs are brilliant and very well designed. Coach really motivates and ensures that we give our best. It has made a huge difference to me when I see […]

Anamika Barman-Adhikari

I’m not the kind of person who likes working out. I’ve been training with Anjan for the past three months, and I’m a fan of the workouts and his overall approach. There are several factors that have kept me going. First and most importantly, Anjan is an awesome trainer who knows how to structure the […]

Sampada More

I always want to be fit n fine… stay healthy and happy! For these very reasons I was always into workouts but didn’t get results as expected. As I joined Anjan’s workouts I realized his workouts were not monotonous but were of a different level. Every week he made me meet different challenges in turn […]

Krishnajina Sarmah

It has been such a rewarding experience so far with Mynd your Fitness. The way Anjan conducts the class is what keeps you hooked to it. He knows exactly how and what everyone is doing even through the screen .I cannot thank him enough for the discipline, awareness and confidence that he has brought into […]

Prashant Chaturvedi

This timeless quote by the greatest Bruce Lee is what sums up what we do at MYF. Our coach keeps experimenting on himself and then keeps improvising our workout routines by following Master Lee. To an outsider, MYF may look like just another group of fitness enthusiasts who have decided to workout together and make […]