Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management is all about overall health management to live a balanced life that includes eating the proper amounts of healthy food, getting daily exercise, sleeping well and maintaining good habits. A healthy lifestyle is being mentally and emotionally fit. At MYF we help you achieve your health goals systematically through:

We also address Lifestyle diseases like:

Nutrition & Diet Planning

A healthy diet protects from various common lifestyle issues like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and so on. Planning your meals and snacks to include nutrient-dense foods that are also adequate in calories is a very important aspect of maintaining good health. Small changes in day-to-day eating habits can help you overcome some of the challenges to eating well.

At MYF we help you with:

Fitness Training & Recovery

Fitness Training, Activities and Exercises should enhance Competitiveness for professionals and other individuals, mentally as well as physically. Strength, Stamina and Speed is the mantra behind designing every workout, for individuals and groups alike. Our workouts are customised to independent fitness goals and body type, focused to attain an enduring state of good health. We offer a range of workouts from Flexibility, Body Balance to hard core Strength and Cardiovascular exercises. We provide specialised Workout Programs for different types of clients like Athletes, office goers, home makers, kids, pregnant women, people with various medical conditions and the elderly.

Our recovery services address specific Medical Issues and Identify symptoms, chronic and acute cases, reference to expert support.

Mental Health

Corporate Wellness

Fun At Work & Offsites:

Team Building:

Mental Health:

Diet & Nutrition:

Lifestyle Management:

Stress Management:

CSR Engagement:

Team Building & Group events

Team building help increase employee motivation and nurture an organisation’s culture in several ways. It improves productivity and increases collaboration. A healthy and fit team is an asset to any organisation. Our professionally researched and customised team building events help in achieving just the right organisational goals.

We customise Team building activities and events (virtual/off site/in house) involving Fun and fitness activities across all levels and age groups. These team outings and comprehensive wellness programs have a specific purpose and objective behind the planning which enable your organisation to reap a range of benefits.

Campus Wellness

Concentration & Focus

Habit Management

Mental Health

Stress Management

Sports for Academics

Ambitions & Career

Campus Wellness - Teachers & Students

Community Wellness

The M Factor

M is the New X

A Time for Digital Detox, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

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