MYF Fitness LLP (MYF), a 360 degree solution provider for Health and Fitness. MYF believes in “Triggered Discipline” enabling healthy habits in each one ensuring a fitter lifestyle.

MYF is the brainchild of a team with significant years of experience in the corporate world, having dealt with teams, managers, CXOs and clients at different organisations. All these experiences have been incubated to bring out extremely relevant ways to manage realistic expectations, apprehensions and goals of employees across various strata of an organisation.

By providing a fully customised program, for Health and Lifestyle, we facilitate your desire to lead the life of your choice.

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The Queen's Walk, Bishop's, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

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+ (567) 1234-567-8900

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    Our Vision

    “We believe in self driven, self-motivated fitness regime to uplift one’s own morale, and, at the same time, creating a role model within oneself for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Ensuring one’s own abilities in the art of fitness benefit the community at large.”

    Our Mission

     “To deliver the message of health, strength and stamina. Help understand the value of fitness in different aspects of daily life as well as objective oriented targets in various sports.”

    Our Team
    Anjan Goswami

    Anjan Goswami is the Founder of Mynd Your Fitness. He is also a Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist….

    Vedaprana Purkayastha

    Vedaprana Purkayastha is a Social Worker, Entrepreneur, Teacher ….

    Minauti Patil

    Minauti Patil is highly experienced in the field of Marketing and Event Management….

    Dolon Bhattacharya

    Dolon Bhattacharya who has 24 years of experience as a Trainer, Teacher and Mentor, has made it a principle of life to work for the betterment of the environment and

    Siddharth Jiwne

    Siddharth is started training with MYF in 2019 and has been associated with MYF…

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