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About us

MYF Fitness LLP (MYF), a 360 degree solution provider for Health and Fitness. MYF believes in “Triggered Discipline” enabling healthy habits in each one ensuring a fitter lifestyle.

MYF is the brainchild of a team with significant years of experience in the corporate world, having dealt with teams, managers, CXOs and clients at different organisations. All these experiences have been incubated to bring out extremely relevant ways to manage realistic expectations, apprehensions and goals of employees across various strata of an organisation.

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Get Festive Fit This Season


Quick Bites on Tennis Elbow

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Mynd Your Fitness
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A business graduate with years of rich experience in the IT industry globally, Anjan…

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Minauti is a Law Graduate and also holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Political Science…

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Our Success Stories
Family Package

Customised as per need

If you need a specific plan for you and your family, we can create one.

Online Group Fitness Plan 1

INR 1700

Avail upto 25 sessions within 30 days

Online Group Fitness Plan 2

INR 2700

Avail upto 40 sessions within 30 days

Online Fitness Plan 3

INR 125

Per session basis




Personal Fitness

INR 500

Per session basis, one-to-one fitness training, focused on individual health goals, includes a variety of fitness activities and exercises, or can be customised based on specific requirements of the individual. Does not include Diet Plan

Diet Plan 1: 1 plan

INR 3500

Fully customised Diet And Nutrition Plan (1 plan) for Weight Management, Common Diseases, Immunity Boosting, Active Lifestyle, Sports Fitness and many more. 

Diet Plan 2: 3 plans

INR 9000

Fully customised Diet And Nutrition Plan (Total 3 plans) for Weight Management, Common Diseases, Immunity Boosting, Active Lifestyle, Sports Fitness and many more.

What Clients Say?

This is why we do, What we do

Mynd Your Fitness

Fitness is a way of life

Theme of the week

Stamina Week :

Focus on Endurance

Mid to High Carb | High Protein | Moderate Fat Diet

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